Reusable Face Masks

3 Layer Washable & Reusable Face Masks

3 Layer Non-Medical Reusable & Washable Cloth Face Masks

3 Layer Reusable, Breathable & Washable 100% Cotton Fabric Face Masks for Civil Use. Ideal for Daily Protection for Personal or Work Environments, available in various colors, prints, patterns as well as Custom Printed options.

Cloth Face Mask Features

3 Layer Protection

100% Cotton Inner & Outer Layers with 100% Cotton Nanometer Microfiber Middle Layer

Reusable & Washable

Cost Efficient - Wash & Clean Regularly to Disinfect & Reuse Cloth Face Masks

Ergonomic Design

Comfortable Face positioning with Mouth & Nose Covering

Adjustable Earloops

Soft Fabric Buckle to Adjust Each Earloop Position makes for an easy & snug face fitting


Soft 100% Cotton Fabric ensures easy breathability yet reduced exposure

Machine Made

Automatic Machine Manufactured with Clean & Professional Finishing

Eco Friendly

Wash, Disinfect & Reuse your Cloth Face Masks without the need to dispose after each use

Individually Packed

Each Cloth Face Mask comes individually packed for better identification & hygiene.

Face Masks Sizes & Styles

For Adults



Adult Size fits most people. Recommended age 13+ years.
Size measurements: 13.5cm x 11cm x 5.5cm with a 10cm Adjustable/Elastic Earloop.

For Kids


Kids Size – Recommended age 6 – 12 years. Do not use a Face Mask for Infants and Younger Children.
Size Measurements: 9.5cm x 8.25cm x 6cm with 6cm Elastic Earloop.

Top Selling Cloth Face Masks


No, Reusable Fabric Face Masks are only meant for Civil Use and Not meant for Medical Use.
We recommend washing your Face Mask regularly however a standard is 30 hours of use. Maintenance and longevity of your Reusable Face Mask depends on your maintenance including Wash Methods, Soap/Detergent Type, Dry Methods and overall wear and tear similar to any other apparel that you own.
Yes you can. However, we recommend using a wash bag. It’s a good idea to wear disposable gloves while handling soiled gloves.

Once cleaned, store your cloth mask in a polybag or along with other apparel. After use, make sure the inner side is folded and unexposed. Place carefully in a polybag or paper bag and it’s a good idea to sanitise your hands after handling a used reusable fabric face mask.

Cotton Face Masks are highly recommended for Reusable Face Masks as Cotton has a high thread count and when built with Multiple (Three) Layers, it does a better job of filtering out microorganisms and particles. However, Reusable Fabric Face Masks should not be considered as N95 Particulate Respirators or for Medical Use.

Care Instructions​

Machine wash in a wash bag or Hand Wash along with regular laundry and Tumble Dry or Machine Dryer to properly clean and maintain your Reusable Face Mask.

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