Custom Packaging

Get 100% Custom Packaging tailor made for your brand. Our professional approach ensures we deliver a seamless experience to our clients right from the conception of an idea to a tangible identity. Select from a wide range of Custom Packaging Solutions including Eco Friendly, Conventional and Reusable Options.
Custom Packaging
About Canada Brown

About Canada Brown

We help businesses and individuals discover sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to single-use plastic packaging and products used in Foodservice, Hospitality, Retail and Lifestyle applications. Learn more about Eco Friendly Packaging and Eco Friendly Products.

Strategic Sourcing

With an experienced team of sourcing specialists, we’re able to supply our partners with innovative products and packaging sourced directly from reliable manufacturers around the globe.

Why Us


Custom Packaging made from sustainably & responsibly sourced raw materials as much as possible. 


Tailor-made Packaging Solutions including innovative design, size and materials specific to your needs.

Cost Efficient

Eco Friendly does not always means more expensive. With innovative solutions, we're able to get you the best possible pricing always.

One Stop Shop

Get a comprehensive packaging partner including material, distribution and logistics support.


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