Paper Straws


Paper Straws

Canada Brown Paper Straws are super sturdy and last up to 10 hours. Made with Strong FSC Certified Paper and lab tested to be made with FDA Compliant Materials, our Paper Straws are the best alternative to single-use plastic straws and are environmental friendly. Paper Straws can be used for Personal or Restaurant Use and are available for beverages including Cocktails, Smoothies & Milkshakes, Slushies and Bubble Teas in a variety of packaging and color options.

Types Of Paper Straws

Cocktail Straws

5.75'' Length with 6mm Diameter ideal for Cocktails, Martinis from short glasses.

Regular Straws

7.75'' Length with 6mm Diameter best for Juices, Soda, Cocktails from regular glasses.

Giant Milkshake Straws

7.75''/10.23'' Length with 8mm Diameter good for Milkshakes, Smoothies for regular/tall glasses.

Colossal Straws

7.75''/10.23'' Length with 10mm Diameter for Thicker Blended beverages.

Bubble Tea Straws

7.7''/10.23'' Length with Extra Wide 12mm Diameter for Bubble Tea Drinks

Spoon Straws

Custom Spoon Shaped Paper Straws for easy sipping & scooping.

Custom Printed Straws

Customised Brand Name or Logo Printing on any Paper Straw or Wrapper

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Why Paper Straws?

Paper Straws are an environmental friendly alternative to plastic straws as they decompose in 60 days and are marine friendly. Canada Brown Paper Straws are sturdy and last up to 10 hours in almost all kinds of beverages.

Steady Supply

Canada Brown Paper Straws are stocked locally in North America. We have ready inventory of Cocktail, Milkshake, Colossal, Bubble Tea & Tiki Paper Straws.

Best Prices

Canada Brown offers the unbeatable prices on Paper Straws Bulk Quantities in stock and custom printed paper straw options.

Quick Lead Time

We can manufacture up to 2.5 million Paper Straws per day and can handle any order type and order size with minimum lead time.

Diagonal Cut Straws

Get one side Diagonal Cut Paper Straws for easy piercing in any Length and Diameter.

Private Label Packaging

We offer OEM & Private Label Packaging options for you to market Paper Straws with your own brand name.

Global Supply Chain

Our Global Supply Chain empowers us to ship from Canada, US, India and China to get you the best product at the best landed costs.

3 Ply & 4 Ply

Opt for our Strong 3 Ply or Super Strong 4 Ply Paper Straws depending on your beverage application

Not Just Straws

We also make Paper Spoon Straws, Paper Straw Tags & Diagonal Cut Paper Straws Bulk orders.

Paper Straws Safety & Compliance

Canada Brown Paper Straws are made with Premium Quality Food Grade Paper which is sourced from FSC Certified sources and our Paper Straws are often lab tested to be made with FDA Compliant Materials.

FDA Compliant Materials

Our Paper Straws pass prescribed tests often to comply with International Standards of Food Safety i.e. U.S. FDA 21 CFR 176.170 verified by third party lab reports.

FSC Certified Paper

We use FSC certified paper which comes from sustainably managed forests and paper resources.

Eco Friendly Straws

Canada Brown Paper Straws are made from Paper - a natural fibre which is considered to be biodegradable and compostable.

Marine Friendly Straws

Over time Paper Straws may become softer & decompose naturally in oceans and are friendly to Marine & Aquatic Life.

Our customers vouch by our product quality, delivery and customer service. Give us a try and make the switch to Paper Straws with a reliable brand.

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