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Here’s a quick list of the most commonly thought of and Frequently Asked Questions including our products and services. If you have any other questions which are not addressed below, please feel free to email us at hello@canadabrown.com or call us on 416-907-9062 9AM – 5PM EST Mon-Fri.

Paper Straws

Can paper straws be used for cake pops?

Yes, Paper Straws can be used in Cake Pops. They’re sturdy and available in all sizes to suit your requirements.

How paper straws are made?

Paper Straws are made with 3 or 4 ply (layers) of Recycled Mix Paper put together by a specific machine which used soy-based adhesive to bond the paper twirling the paper in a controlled and electronically managed method.

Who manufactures paper straws?

A lot of companies make Paper Straws including Canada Brown, Aardvark, Huhtamaki, World Centric, etc.

Which company makes paper straws?

Canada Brown makes premium quality Paper Straws in all sizes, wrapped and custom printing options.

What company makes paper straws?

Canada Brown makes premium quality Paper Straws in all sizes, wrapped and custom printing options.

What are paper straws coated with?

Canada Brown Paper Straws are not coated with anything. They are simply made of Paper & adhesive.

Are paper straws waxed?

Canada Brown Paper Straws are not waxed or coated with anything.

Paper straws that don’t get soggy?

Canada Brown Paper Straws do not get soggy to a point that they become unusable. They do get soft but not unusable.

How long will paper straws last?

Canada Brown Paper Straws last up to 10 hours in almost all kinds of beverages.

How do paper straws not get soggy?

Canada Brown Paper Straws which are made from good quality paper, soy-based adhesive and proper manufacturing process tend to last longer and not get soggy or unusable quickly.

Where can I find a paper straws halifax supplier?

Canada Brown works with wholesalers and distributors in Halifax. Call 416-907-9062 to find a Halifax based wholesaler located near you.

What is the Paper Straws Canada law?

Canada, as a country, currently does not have a specific law on paper straws, however various authorities and communities have taken strong steps to advocate Paper Straws over plastic straws.

Where to buy paper straws.?

For Personal Use, you can buy Paper Straws online or any marketplace. For Commercial Use, i.e. Restaurants requiring paper straws in bulk, can purchase from their local wholesaler, cash-and-carry or distributor.

Where to buy paper straws Australia?

In Australia, you can buy Paper Straws from Canada Brown International. Simply call +1 (416) 907-9062 with your order requirements.

Where to buy paper straws uk?

In the UK, you can buy Paper Straws from Canada Brown International. Simply call +1 (416) 907-9062 with your order requirements.

Where to buy paper straws Toronto?

In Toronto, you can buy Paper Straws from Canada Brown. Simply call 416-907-9062 or email at hello@canadabrown.com

Are paper straws made from trees?

No, Paper Straws are mostly made from Recycled Mix Paper and FSC Certified Paper which is sustainably and responsibly sourced paper.

Are paper straws bad?

No, Paper Straws are not bad and they help the environment whilst serving the consumer’s purpose of using a straw.

Are paper straws biodegradable?

No, Paper Straws are not biodegradable unless so specified on the manufacturer’s packaging.

Are paper straws cheaper than plastic?

No, Paper straws are slightly more expensive than plastic straws because of the raw material costs.

Are paper straws wrapped in plastic?

No, Paper Straws are usually wrapped in paper not plastic.

Can paper straws be reused?

No, paper straws should not be re-used for hygiene purposes.

Can paper straws go in the oven?

No, paper straws should not go in the oven.

Can you eat paper straws?

No, you cannot eat Paper Straws.

Can paper straws be used for hot drinks?

Paper Straws can be used for hot drinks up to 35C.

Can paper straws be recycled?

Paper Recycling is recommended only if the paper is not contaminated with food & beverages. You can check with your local waste management company to dispose the Paper Straws in the Green or Organic Trash.

Why buy paper straws?

Paper Straws are better for the environment when compared with Plastic Straws which is a single use plastic item, eventually goes to a land-fill.

How do paper straws save turtles?

Paper Straws are generally considered marine-friendly because unlike Plastic Straws, Paper & Adhesive do not live forever. Paper Straws when dropped in water over a long period of time will decompose and become so soft that they cannot hurt marine life li

Why paper straws are bad for disabled?

Paper Straws are good for disabled and differently-abled as they serve the same purpose yet are environment friendly.

What are paper straws made of?

Paper Straws are made of Paper and soy-based adhesive.

what are paper straws made out of?

Paper Straws are made out of Paper and soy-based adhesive.

Can paper straws be composted?

Paper Straws can be composted in a Commercial Compost.

Can paper straws be used for hot drinks?

Paper Straws can be used for hot drinks up to 35C.

Why paper straws but not cups?

Paper Straws do not have a film inside like Paper Cups and comparing the two, are a more eco friendly product.

How much are paper straws?

Paper Straws generally cost $0.02-$0.04 in wholesale.

How much do paper straws cost?

Paper Straws range from $0.01-$0.05 depending on the size, color, length, order quantity, customisation, etc.

How paper straws save the environment?

Paper Straws save the environment when compared with Plastic Straws, which apparently is used 500 million times a day in USA, as they do not end up in landfills and can be composted in an industrial compost thereby re-introducing it in the environment in

Why switch to paper straws?

Paper Straws serve the same purpose as a Plastic Straw but are better for the environment as they can be composted.

Why are paper straws so expensive?

Recycled Paper being a more expensive resource as compared to plastic makes Paper Straws more expensive then Plastic Straws.

What makes paper straws waterproof?

The quality of paper and adhesive determine the strength and the ability of the Paper Straws to remain waterproof.

Are paper straws recyclable?

Yes, Paper Straws – if not contaminated can be recycled. Else composted in an Industrial Compost.

Are paper straws vegan?

Yes, Paper Straws are 100% Vegan.

Are paper straws gluten free?

Yes, Paper Straws are gluten free.

Are paper straws made from recycled paper?

Yes, Paper Straws are made from Recycled Mix Paper unless differently specified by the paper straw manufacturing company.

Are paper straws safe to use?

Yes, paper straws are safe to use with all beverages, however one should remain alert when around children, infants and pets.

Are paper straws safe?

Yes, Paper Straws are safe. However, be careful when used with or around children, infants and pets.

Can you use paper straws for cotton candy?

Yes, Paper Straws can be used for cotton candy. They’re strong & sturdy enough to last while you enjoy your candy floss.

Can paper straws be used for drinks?

Yes, Paper Straws can be used for all kinds of drinks including Soda, Cocktails, Iced Tea, Cold Coffee, Smoothies, Slushies, Milkshakes, Ice Cream Shakes, Bubble Tea & Boba Tea.

Will paper straws replace plastic?

Yes, Paper Straws can replace plastic because they’re environment friendly and can be re-introduced in the sustainability eco system if they are composted properly.

Where to buy paper straws in Canada?

You can buy paper straws from Canada Brown sitting anywhere in Canada. Simply call 416-907-9062.

Where to buy paper straws in bulk?

You can buy Paper Straws in bulk from Canada Brown. Call us on 416-907-9062 or email us at hello@canadabrown.com

Where to buy paper straws cheap?

You can buy Paper Straws in wholesale from Canada Brown for as cheap as $0.01 depending on the size, packaging and order quantity.

Can you cut paper straws?

You can cut Paper Straws by a machine. It is not recommended using any other method.

Where to get paper straws?

You can get Paper Straws online or offline in stores.

Don’t Paper Straws become soggy and disintegrate when you try using them with a beverage?

Some manufacturers attempted making Paper Straws decades ago which were not very successful and were basically rolled up paper. Canada Brown Paper Straws however are made using FDA Approved Material include Food Grade Paper, Adhesive made using Soy/Vegetable Oil and Food Grade Ink which as safe as having a chocolate. Our Paper Straws can last up to 6 hours.

Do you make Paper Straws for Smoothies?

Yes & Yes! We make big, fat & long Smoothie Straws for Smoothies, Milkshakes & Slush type beverages.

Do you make Paper Straws for Bubble Tea?

Yes & Yes! We make extra thick and extra long Paper Straws for Bubble Tea drinkers.

Can Paper Straws be reused?

No, we do not recommend re-using Paper Straws after a few hours.

How do Paper Straws save the environment, what’s this whole fuss about?

Paper Straws are a great alternative to Plastic Straws. Paper Straws are completely Biodegradable & Compostable hence when compared to Plastic Straws which do not decompose at all and Plastic Straws clog landfills, clog oceans and harm marine life whereas Paper Straws are more disposable and do not cause a threat to the environment. It has come to rise recently because countries like US along use 500 million straws per day, Canada uses 50 million straws per day and such astonishing figures only increase landfills and cause overall damage to the environment and in turn humanity.

How long do Paper Straws last?

Canada Brown Paper Straws can last up to 6 hours dipped in a beverage.

Where can I find Canada Brown Paper Straws?

Canada Brown Paper Straws are available online at our E Commerce Store and select Wholesalers & Distributors in US, Canada & UK.

Why is there a shortage on Paper Straws in US?

Over 500 million plastic straws get used in the US every day and a lot of brands have recently started switching to paper straws causing an unprecedented high demand of paper straws.

I’m about to order some cases of Paper Straws, what is the general Lead Time if I order from Canada Brown?

Common paper straws designs like White & Black Paper Straws Wraped or Unwrapped are available at anytime. However for printed and custom straws the lead time may be between 2-8 weeks.

What is the minimum order quantity we can order on the website?

2 cases

Can I use Canada Brown Paper Straws to drink hot coffee?

We strongly recommend not to use Paper Straws for hot beverages anything above 35C.

Face Mask

Are Reusable Face Masks safe for Medical Use?

No, Reusable Fabric Face Masks are only meant for Civil Use and Not meant for Medical Use.

How many times can I reuse my Reusable Face Mask?

We recommend washing your Face Mask regularly however a standard is 30 hours of use. Maintenance and longevity of your Reusable Face Mask depends on your maintenance including Wash Methods, Soap/Detergent Type, Dry Methods and overall wear and tear similar to any other apparel that you own.

Can I put my Reusable Face Mask in the Washing Machine and Dryer?

Yes you can. However, we recommend using a wash bag. It’s a good idea to wear disposable gloves while handling soiled gloves.

How do I store a cloth mask?

Once cleaned, store your cloth mask in a polybag or along with other apparel. After use, make sure the inner side is folded and unexposed. Place carefully in a polybag or paper bag and it’s a good idea to sanitise your hands after handling a used reusable fabric face mask.

Which Fabric Face Masks should I opt for?

Cotton Face Masks are highly recommended for Reusable Face Masks as Cotton has a high thread count and when built with Multiple (Three) Layers, it does a better job of filtering out microorganisms and particles. However, Reusable Fabric Face Masks should not be considered as N95 Particulate Respirators or for Medical Use.

Where are these masks made?

These Disposable Face Masks are sourced from China, Canada, India or USA subject to availability.

How long does the delivery take?

We have ample stock and ship from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Delivery may take anywhere from 1 – 6 business days depending on your location.

Is 3 Ply Face Mask or 5 Ply KN95 Face Masks Reusable?

These are Disposable Face Masks and are not recommended to be reused.

How do I wear and remove the Disposable Face Mask?

1. When you hold your Face Mask folded in half, you would notice one edge is flat while the other is curved. The curved edge is the top of the mask.
2. Fit the face mask over your nose and mouth and pull the elastic earloops behind your ears to firmly place the face mask on your face.
3. Bend the Nose Strip firmly over your nose bridge and the bottom part of your face masks should sit firmly below your chin.
4. To remove your Disposable Face Mask, pinch and hold the elastic earloops from behind your ears while making least possible contact with the Face Mask fabric.

Paper Bags

How much time do you take to deliver custom paper bags?

Normally 8-12 weeks after artwork approval.

How many colors can you print on the custom printed paper bags?

We can print 1, 2, 3 and even full color on custom printed paper bags.

Which sizes can you make custom printed bags with?

We can print on all Paper Bag sizes that you see on our website and also custom sizes tailor-made to suit your needs.

What is the minimum order quantity for Custom Paper Bags?

25,000 bags per design per size.

Do you offer design services?

Yes we can help you design the artwork or logo placement on your choice of custom printed paper bags.

Can we see samples before ordering?

Absolutely! We will provide you with Free* Custom Printed Samples before a production run so you’re confident of what you’re about to order. *We provide Sample Credit for orders placed within 30 days of receiving Custom Printed Samples.

Can we get Custom Packaging on the Shipping Cartons?

Yes. As long as they conform to Shipping & Freight norms.

On how much area can you print on the bag?

Up to 100% of the bag from 1 to all sides. We can also make Full Color Printed Paper Bags.

How much can you customize paper bags?

Choose from White or Brown Kraft Paper Bags. They can be customised with some/full color print, handles & paper strength.

How much do Custom Paper Bags cost compared to Plain/Stock Paper Bags?

Approximately 20-25% higher, subject to various factors including printing style, ink coverage and order quantity.


I am opening a new grocery store and I was thinking of keeping eco-friendly bags to pack customer groceries. Could you please suggest some products you have for my business and how much will a case of each one of them cost. I will need different sizes.  Medium and large bags.

We can recommend the Grocery Bags with Handles or SOS Grocery Bags without Handles. The entire range is on our website.
You may browse the website and tell us which SKU numbers you are interested in and we will provide you with the quotation accordingly.

I’m looking for an average size plain paper bag with handles and a larger plain paper bag with handles. One thousand of each will do…

Here is the link for our paper bags items with handles:
Kindly choose your preference.
Once you have chosen your preferred item, you may submit an order online through the website or simply let us know so we can assist you further.

Can you print all sides of the sleeves for custom-printed cups?

Yes, we can print all sides of the sleeves. Please share the artwork for a precise quote. We can print from 1 to full color.

Can I have a wholesale price list?

No. We don’t have a Wholesale Price List. We quote based on the requirement each time.

I’d like to get some samples for these before I move forward. Does this price include my printing of our logo on the bowls? Are the lids transparent? (#1030)

Yes. The lids are transparent. The quote we have provided you is only for stock/plain items, not for custom-printed. Our MOQ for Bagasse bowls is 200,000 units per design per size.

Can your company do foil finishing?

Yes, we can. But there will be an additional cost of CA$0.20/bag.

Can you provide a quote for 4oz and 12oz cup sleeves?

Our corrugated cup sleeves would only fit 10oz to 24oz cups. For the other sizes, we would have to make a special paperboard material.

Do you guys have packaging that is clear containers and biodegradable?

Yes, we do have a clear container that is also compostable at the same time. Currently, we only have this size available: https://www.canadabrown.com/product/pla-compostable-clamshell-container-240-cs-6-x-6-x-3/ 

What’s the price if we buy something manufactured in Canada?

The current estimated lead time for manufacturing in Canada is the same and is usually more expensive.

Do you offer double wall- rippled black hot cups – plain, no custom imaging. And Black lids to go with.

We don’t have the item in black color. We only have it in white. However, we can do custom-printed with an MOQ of 30,000 cups per design per size. The estimated lead time is 10-14 weeks.

Do you supply cello bags?

We currently do not supply cello bags, however, we can do paper cookie bags with a plastic window.

Can I pick it up if that can help me avoid the charges?

Yes, you can pick it up but please note that the shipping and handling fees remain the same.

Can you customize a design based on my preference?

Yes, we can make a design of your choice. The design charges are CA$50 + Taxes but you will get a credit of this amount once you place an order with us within 30 days from the receipt of the custom design.

Do you provide some samples?

Yes, we provide free plain samples. However, there will be a charge for the shipping and handling.