#3 Kraft Paper Takeout Box 8.5″ x 6.25″ x 2.5″ (200/Case)


Top Diameter 215 x 162mm, Bottom Diameter 197 x 140mm, Height 64mm

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  • Versatile Design: #3 Kraft Paper Togo Boxes are a popular choice of Restaurants, Bakeries, Food Trucks, etc with it’s intelligent and fuss-free operation.
  • Perfect Size: Good size for a full meal with a extra 2.5” height for enough space and volume.
  • Good for Hot or Cold Food. Not recommended for curry items.
  • Grease, Water & Heat Lamp Resistant: PE Film coating inside helps with moisture control.
  • Recycled:Made from 100% Recycled Paper using more than 25% of Post-Consumer Recycled Paper.

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