7.75” Jumbo Regular White Wrapped Paper Straws


Solid White Wrapped Paper Straws, Strong & Sturdy! Regular 7.75″ Length & 6mm Diameter. Great for Cocktails, Soda, Iced Tea, Water, etc.

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Minimum Order Quantity is 1 pallet per item

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  • Length: 7.75”, Diameter: 6mm.
  • Canada Brown Jumbo Regular White Wrapped Paper Straws come individually wrapped for better hygiene and easy storage.
  • These pure white wrapped paper straws are popular with cafes, restaurants, hotels and recreational entertainment destinations. The white wrapped paper straws are a popular choice as they work well with all hospitality settings in any theme or beverage type. A very popular choice by hospitality companies where guests pickup a straw themselves from the counter as opposed to being served a straw with the drink. The individually wrapped paper straws prove to be more hygienic and user friendly.
  • Made with FSC Certified Paper, our Paper Straws are periodically lab tested to be made with FDA Compliant Materials. The strong and sturdy white wrapped paper straws last up to 10 hours with most beverages.
  • These white wrapped paper straws are great for 14oz – 20oz glasses, cups, bottles, cans and tumblers and they have the perfect diameter and length to comfortably sip beverages like Soda, Cocktails, Milk, Water, Iced Tea, Juice, etc.
  • Inner Packing options are:
    • OPP (recyclable plastic) – good for refilling dispensers and paper straw stands and are more economical to purchase.
    • Kraft Paper Box – smart and sturdy paper box packaging to keep on a counter top and use as a paper straw dispenser.

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