12 Things to Remember When Ordering Custom Paper Bags

12 Things to Remember When Ordering Custom Paper Bags

Custom Paper Bags are a great marketing and advertising tool in the hands of your customers. Brands can choose from a variety of Custom Shopping Bags including Custom Paper Bags, Custom Tote Bags and Custom Reusable Bags depending on their purpose and budget. Custom Paper Bags add significant brand recall and increase brand publicity along with adding a sense of comfort in the hands of your customers carrying your products and other items. Here are some of the key factors to remember the next time you’re ordering Custom Paper Bags:

1. Purpose

Review and outline the purpose how your brand uses Shopping you’re ordering Custom Shopping Bags including factors like how many items do your customers buy and carry on an average? What is the most common or largest product size that you need to fit in your custom printed paper bag? Any other important decision-making factors that will help you decide on the kind of Custom Paper Bags you’d like for your brand.

2. Size

The size dimensions include the Length, Width (Gusset) and Height of the bag and need to be decided based on factors like how many items are your customers most likely to carry, what is the size of the largest item your customers purchase, at what point would you like to offer a 2nd/3rd bag to your customer to be able to comfortably carry your products.

3. Strength

Choose from a variety of Paper Gauge (GSM) options from 80GSM – 400GSM which are the core strength measure of any custom paper bag. The higher the GSM, the stronger the bag. Use this formula to calculate what is the Weight Carrying Capacity: Number of Items X Average Weight of an Item. Each custom paper bag generally comes with advisory on it’s Weight Carrying Capacity.

4. Handle Type

Custom Paper Bags come with a variety of Handle options including Twisted (Paper), Ribbons, Rope, Die Cut or No handle. Select the right kind of Handle based on factors including how convenient is it for your customers to carry your products in accordance with the Weight Carrying Capacity, your brand perception and theme. For instance:

  • Twisted Handles – most commonly used and are sturdy as well as stylish.
  • Rope/Ribbon – looks great with high end product brands.

– Die Cut – good alternative to twisted handles and offer better grip whilst carrying

5. Color & Graphics

Custom Paper Bags are mostly popular in White and Kraft amongst other color options. Select from a Paper Bag Color along with 1/2/4 or more Color Printing in accordance with your branding and identity. Some of the commonly published elements include Your Logo, Brand Name, Website, Facebook Page, Twitter Handle, Instagram Handle, Hashtag, Slogans and Messages. 

6. Design & Plates

When designing custom printed paper bags, it involves a process of approval beginning from a digital mockup, to samples and revisions if any and finally a production run. It’s always good to ensure your Custom Paper Bags design is sustainable and may not need changes very frequently which helps your brand – develop an identity and also Reduces repeat order costs since the original plate costs have already been borne once.

7. Durability

There are various options for you to to add durability to your custom paper bags including Bottom Board, Double Wall Paper Bags, Higher GSM Paper & Better Handle Qualities. To judge durability, order samples and test out the Custom Paper Bags in various conditions to ensure your custom paper bags are durable, reliable and won’t tear open or fall off from the hands of your customers. 

8. Quantity

Custom Printed Paper Bags are generally ordered in bulk. Select from an appropriate quantity according to the number of customers/sales you perform, how many bags per sales you use, cost benefit from ordering in bulk vs smaller quantities and most importantly storage of the excess paper bags.

9. Storage & Distribution

One of the key factors when ordering Custom Paper Bags is to ensure you or your supplier have the necessary Storage to store short-term requirements as well as Excess Inventory without having to run a production too frequently. Further, if you have multiple Point-of-Sales then Distribution and Regional Availability of your Custom Paper Bags becomes an important factor for your supply chain to quickly replenish the appropriate quantity in the most feasible time and cost from the nearest warehouse.  

10. Cost

All of the above factors including the Size, Paper Type, Quantity, Color & Graphics are key in calculating the Landed Cost of your custom printed paper bags, it is also important to remember how much or in what range are you looking to spend on your product packaging in terms of affecting your revenues. Select an affordable, feasible option which compliments your branding and identity and ensures you continue the same bag design for a long period of time which adds to the longevity and registration of your brand’s custom paper bags.  

11. Sustainability

With growing demand of Custom Paper Bags and single-use plastic reducing in popularity, it’s important that we preserve our natural resources as much as possible. Select a supplier that uses Sustainably Sourced Raw Materials like FSC Certified Paper & 90% or 100% Post Consumer Content so that your customers shop responsibly whilst adding Sustainability as an element of your branding.

12. Recycling/Compostable

While all Paper is Recyclable and/or Compostable, it’s always a good idea to confirm with your suppliers to ensure that you have selected options which are environment safe and part of sustainable practices.

The author is an expert in Eco Friendly Packaging and is available for quotes and questions. Please email Nick on hello[at]canadabrown [dot] com for any more information.

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