How to Clean Your Cloth Face Masks?

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Cloth Face Masks made of Cotton are relatively easy to clean and maintain. They’re similar to a shirt however, since the purpose of the Face Masks is to keep infectious particles at bay, Cloth Face Masks must be cleaned more carefully than a shirt.

When Wearing your Reusable Face Mask, keep in mind to use only the earloops – pinch and hold the earloops firmly on both sides, place the earloop elastic behind your ears and adjust the buckle for a firm face fitting.

Similarly when Taking Off your Face Mask, without touching the front of the mask, pinch and take off each earloop side and gently place in the designated area away from other articles, in order to avoid risk of contaminating other articles.

When does one need to clean their Reusable Cloth Face Masks?

As recommended by CDC & Health Canada, you must clean your Face Masks after each use and also ensure you remove & clean the Cloth Face Masks immediately if they become damp or soiled.

Cleaning using Washing Machine:

  • Wash along with regular laundry.
  • Use a regular laundry detergent with on a warm or hot water cycle.

Cleaning using Hand Wash:

  • Prepare a bleach solution by mixing 1/3rd Cup Household Bleach per Gallon of Room Temperature Water or 4 Teaspoons of Household Bleach per Quart of Room Temperature Water.
  • Ensure the Bleach being used is meant for disinfection and do not mix household bleach with ammonia or any other cleanser.
  • Soak the Cloth Face Mask in the solution for 5 minutes.
  • Rinse properly with cold or room temperature water.

Machine Drying

  • Use the highest heat setting and let the Face Mask dry completely before ending the dryer cycle.

Tumble (Air) Drying

  • Hang or lay flat open to completely dry in direct sunlight.

Once cleaned, you can reuse your Cloth Face Masks.