7 Reasons to Buy Paper Straws

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Paper Straws were first introduced in the 1800s and then modified over decades but finally given up since plastic straws were sturdier, cheaper and quick to produce. With an increase in population and growing demand for straws, people from across the world have realised how dangerous plastic straws actually are – especially because they add to landfills and clog our oceans causing a sever threat to marine life.

Here, we can give you 7 Top Reasons to Stop Using Plastic Straws and start using Paper Straws instead:

  1. Biodegradable & Compostable: Paper Straws are made of a natural fibre i..e Recycled Paper which is considered to be Biodegradable and Compostable in the right compost setting. Most Plastic Straws are not recyclable and are simply dumped into landfills or oceans.
  2. Made from FDA Approved Materials: The glue and ink used in Paper Straws is lab tested to be made from FDA approved materials.
  3. Safety: Paper being a softer material cannot cause damage or harm unlike plastic which is harder and sharper. It does not include any harmful dyes and coloring agents and can be served with both hot and cold beverages.
  4. Cheaper than Steel: Stainless Steel Straws or Reusable Straws are a good alternative to plastic straws but often cost a lot more than Paper Straws.
  5. Different Shapes & Sizes: Paper Straws are available in all lengths and thickness for multiple beverage purposes.
  6. Colorful Party Straws: With a variety of prints, patterns and color options – Paper Straws are the perfect addition to your party.
  7. Renewable Resources: Paper Straws are made from renewable resources like paper a natural fibre, adhesives made from soy/vegetable oil and food grade ink used in printing.

One of the key reasons to not use Plastic Straws is that it is harmful to the environment and pollute marine life. With an increase in awareness about the quantum of pollution plastic straws cause on platforms like social media, people are now more and more cautious about not using single use items like plastic straws. A video of a Sea Turtle with a Straw in it’s nostril went viral a few years ago and caused environmental agencies from the world to take a pledge of Saying No to Plastic.

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