Paper Straw Wholesalers 2019

In 2018 last year, during the summer, there was quite the chatter about how Paper Straws are going to replace Plastic Straws for good and Paper Straw Wholesalers saw a huge spike in demand for Paper Straws. With a spike in demand for buying Paper Straws in Bulk however today, the reality stands distant from what we’ve seen in the News & Social Media.

Yes there was a sudden spike of demand in Paper Straws across North America from small, medium and large enterprises seeking Paper Straws from USA, China, India, Philippines, UK and pretty much everywhere someone could find a listing online – but the truth is that once companies realized that Paper Straws are more expensive than Plastic or PLA straws – these companies prefer to stay ‘smart’ and not switch until it’s the law in their state or country. Similarly, a lot of companies have ample stock of Plastic Straws which they’re not going to dispose of, without commercial implications.

Environmental Advocates would say costs that impact the bottom line should be steered away from until the law mandates companies to use only sustainable materials. In simple terms, use Plastic Straws till the time they don’t get banned! Many Paper Straw Wholesalers still offer all 3 options including Plastic, PLA and Paper Straws – quite obviously to cater to whatever the client demands.

Now here we are in 2019, where some Paper Straw Wholesalers & Distributors have stocked up Paper Straws and including a large variety of designs and size options – it gets difficult to forecast and optimize inventory risks perhaps until the next few months.  – unlike Plastic Straws which came 1 or 2 options.

So here’s what Paper Straw Wholesalers & Distributors can do to increase sales:

  1. Offer Subscription Based Plans to your clients to switch to Paper Straws with Monthly Supplies and Payments
  2. Focus Sales on Regions where Plastic Straws have been banned
  3. Offer Buy Back of unused Plastic Straw Inventory
  4. Keep industry standard margins and mark-ups

For Newbies and New Entrepreneurs who have just started out ‘Sustainable Businesses’, ‘Paper Straws Companies’ and Drop Shipping E-Commerce Stores – its a rough ride ahead so keep them laces tight!

Concluding, Plastic Straws and other items will get banned sooner or later in most regions – so keep knocking on doors and hang on!

Disclaimer: This article is a work of fiction and does not portray or depict any general or specific behaviour and is not targeted towards any one or all entities. The opinions and trends mentioned are personal viewpoints of the author and do not represent the company ‘Canada Brown Eco Products Ltd’ or it’s directors, employees, consultants and associates in any way; further the views are not based on or derived from any market research.

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