Why are Cloth Face Masks better than Disposable Face Masks?

Canada Brown

With economies reopening and increased exposure amongst people, it is recommended to maintain social distancing and use appropriate Face Masks or Face Coverings to minimize the spread of Covid-19. While Face Masks are helpful in reducing the spread, it is important to understand how to select the right Face Masks for yourself, your colleagues, friends and family.

Reusable: Cloth Face Masks are Reusable & Washable while Disposable Face Masks should be changed every 4-5 hours unless damaged or they become wet by coming into contact with liquids.

Washable: Cloth Face Masks can be washed and re-used as frequently as you want unlike Disposable Face Masks which are Single Use and must be properly disposed in an appropriate PPE garbage receptacle.

Colors & Personality: Add your personality to your Face Masks – Cloth Face Masks come in a variety of Solid Colors, Patterns, Prints or even Custom Printed Cloth Face Masks which can be part of your wardrobe unlike Disposable Face Masks which mostly come in blue or white.

Eco Friendly: By virtue of being able to be re-purposed, Cloth Face Masks are environmentally friendly since Disposable Face Masks eventually reach the landfill and are single-use waste.

Better Fitting: According to CDC, Cloth Face Masks cover your face, nose and mouth to a wider area as compared with Disposable Face Masks and hence may reduce the risk of spread.

Price: Last but not the least, Cloth Face Masks are much more cost efficient. They cost more per unit but are Reusable and Washable unlike Disposable Face Masks which are single use and eventually cost much more.

Disclaimer: Cloth Face Masks are strictly for Civil Use. If you are a Frontline worker or work in a Medical Related Field, it is highly recommended that you procure Medical, Surgical or N95 Face Masks. Consult your Office/Company Administration for Guidelines on procuring the right kind of Face Masks. The author and/or Canada Brown Eco Products Ltd does not warrant or suggest that wearing Face Masks makes the wearer(s) less prone to any virus however this article is written with the author’s understanding of general public perception which is wearing Face Masks may reduce the community transmission of Covid19 and/or such communicable viruses. Please consult your doctor before wearing Face Masks.