3 Steps to find the right Paper Straw

This post is dedicated to helping you understand which Paper Straw(s) are ideal for your company serving any kind of beverage. Paper Straws come in various sizes, colors and packing options and we’ve organised this post to help you with each parameter.

Here’s a handy list of commonly used terms to make sure you understand all the aspects of a Paper Straw:

Internal Diameter: The inner circumference diameter available inside the wrapped straw measured in MM (millimetres).

External Diameter: The outer circumference diameter including the width of the paper rolled measured in MM (millimetres) and also most commonly referenced to when browsing Paper Straw Catalog, Pricing, etc.

Length: The total length of the paper straw measured in Inches and sometimes Millimetres.

Wrapped: For Paper Straws that come wrapped individually in a paper wrapper.

Unwrapped/Bulk: For Paper Straws that come unwrapped in a bag or box.

Here are 3 Steps to find out which Paper Straws suit you:

1. By Beverage Type
Beverage TypeDiameterLength
Water, Milk, Soda, Iced Tea, Cocktails, Mocktail, etc.6mm5.75”. Best for shorter glasses, cans or tetra packs
  7.75”. Best for Regular Cups or Glasses
  10.25”. Best for Taller Cups, Glasses or Bottles
Milkshakes, Smoothies, etc8mm7.75”. Best for Regular Cups or Glasses
  10.25”. Best for Taller Cups, Glasses or Bottles
Bubble Tea10mm10.25”. Best for Taller Cups, Glasses or Bottles
2. By Packing Type
 Wrapped Paper StrawsUnwrapped Paper Straws
PurposeMore hygienic way of offering paper straws. Each straw is individually machine wrapped in paper. Can be given by hand since the customer is required to remove the wrapper before starting to sip.Good for self consumption or storing in paper straw dispensers.
CostMarginally higher than unwrapped paper straws 
Storage/Case QuantityLower than unwrapped paper straws 
3. By Color Options
Color/PatternUse Case
Solid White or BlackIdeal for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, Casinos and Resorts. The neutral color does not impact the branding in any way of the brand.
StripesIdeal fo theme based Restaurants, Cafes, Smoothie & Shake Bars, Adventure Parks, etc where the environment is more active and not just sit-down.
PatternsIdeal for Parties and Theme Based events like Birthday Parties and social get togethers
Custom BrandedYour own brand name and/or logo ideal for give aways, promotions and in-store branding

Using the above 3 simple steps, you should be able to determine which Paper Straws are best suited for your organisation. Canada Brown also creates custom on-order diameter and length paper straw sizes in any color or pattern. If you have not already switched from plastic straws to paper straws, here are the top 7 reasons you should switch to Paper Straws. If you have more questions, feel free to drop us a line using the contact form.


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